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The railing should have a siding edge

How to make doors and windows and shutters
Unlike shutters or curtains, plantation shutters are almost entirely made of wood. As a building material, it is beautiful, widely available, and available at various price levels, and is

relatively easy to use at home.
And, because the plantation shutters were made just to build a frame full of the Louvre, this project seems to be within the reach of a well-equipped and experienced DIYer. Plantation

shutters will attract people's attention, and your own shutters will certainly attract praise. Because they are very practical, you will also be proud of your project when you adjust the

blinds every day to control how much light enters your home.
It definitely makes people feel like making blinds from scratch opens up a long list of options and how you will make your own blinds. Keep in mind that choosing a toolkit can be limiting.

Also, you might be surprised at how many options you have from a custom shutter company such as West Pier.
If you think you are competent, we will teach you how to make wooden shutters, including the tools you need and a step-by-step guide list. We will also help you decide whether the project

may be a bit too much, and if it is better to have your shutters customized, then do it yourself.
Design your own shutters
This part of the process is much like you would start if you were ordering wooden shutters from West Pier Blinds. Carefully, measure the size of the windows you want to cover with the

Things to consider at this time include:
How do you install your blinds on or in front of windows?
What size Louvre do you want?
Are your shutters solid wood or have moving shutters?
Is the tilt lever mounted on the side or middle of the blinds?
After you make these decisions, you will need to create a drawing for your project and then create a cut list.
You may find it helpful to use the set of plans available online.
What tools do you need?
To build your own plantation shutters, you need:
Table saw
Drilling machine
Table router
Screwdriver and / or electric screwdriver
Basic tools for measurement and marking
Apart from woodwork, the only special material you need is a pin that rotates the blinds.
Making the frame of the shutter panel
It is important to cut out the rungs (vertical portion) and the rungs (horizontal portion) of the louver frame from an experienced, sturdy hardwood.
The steps here are:
Use your table saw to cut your inventory into track and stilt sizes.
Omit the slat cuts.
Plan the rails and struts (plus slats) to the required thickness.
Give the railings and stilts any aesthetic features you want, such as routing a rounded edge around the edge.
The railing should have a siding edge (front on top and back on bottom) so that the shutters can enter when closed.
Mark the hole in the casement with a spacer to drill pin holes for the blinds there.
Using a drilling machine, carefully drill the hole into both pillars.

Make blinds slats for your blinds
The functions and forms of this part of the project are combined. The Louvre has two (four in total) rounded edges, giving it a smooth wing-like appearance.
If you plan on a comprehensive DIY, start from scratch project and cut your own slat from 2 x 4, it definitely makes sense to use the same stock as you build stilts and tracks.
The slat is torn to an approximate desired thickness.
Use a desk router to add a rounded edge to the opposite edge of all slats (the upper edge of the front, the lower edge of the back).
Get your workbench saw accurately and use a box fixture to cut your slat to the required length.
If you want to paint or stain your tracks, now is the time to do these.

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