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individuals from driving during the high risk periods.

Predator Cues made some considerable changes to their line-up of cues this season. The Ikon line of cues has now been up-graded to the Ikon 2 http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , 2nd Generation, series offering 9 various designs.

All of the Ikon2 series cues use a group of common elements, which represent some of the most innovative technologies offered by Predator Cues.
The 1st of such improvements is the C4+ and C4 technology. This is a patented combination of a 4-piece coring system along with the greatest phenolic parts in the butt of the cues. Also http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , the butt is made out of thirty pieces that deliver better straightness and a great solid feel. And finally, the butt also comes with a weight cartridge system that makes a way for the weight to be adjusted in increments of one-tenth of an ounce with up to thirty feasible weight permutations.

Every single cue has the Predator Cues Leather Luxe Wrap. This is not your conventional leather wrap. This is a high-performance three-layer wrap having a greater tackiness and a softer feel compared to conventional leather wraps. The wrap has an exterior layer of polyurethane that will keep the player’s hand dry and has got a center cushion layer that soaks up and releases moisture. The interior layer of the wrap is sealed to give protection to the cue.

All of the 9 Ikon2 designs features a new and individual design that is consistent with past Predator Cue designs, quite sleek and contemporary looking. The Ikon2 model 1 is black maple featuring a high-gloss polish. The Ikon2 model 2 is black curly maple along with a charcoal greyish stain. The Ikon2 model 3 cue features black curly maple with Micarta points. Ikon2 model 4 comes with gabon ebony together with turquoise and micarta inlays. The Ikon2 model 5 cue contains gabon ebony with micarta and gray pearl inlays in addition to floating turquoise details. The Ikon2 model 6 cues truly stands apart with the help of gabon ebony that includes micarta http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , gray and red pearl inlayed in the butt. The Ikon2 model 7 is put together with gabon ebony and features micarta and malachite points. The Ikon2 model 8 cues have got a very elegant look having gabon ebony with snake wood, tulip wood as well as micarta inlays. Lastly, the Ikon2 model 9 is formed with gabon ebony http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , turquoise and micarta diamonds.

All these great Predator cues features one of Predator’s low-deflection shafts in a standard length of 29″. These items come standard with an Everest tip by Tiger Products. They feature a Uni-Loc quick release joint.

Be sure to have a look at the brand
of Ikon second Generation cues from your chosen Predator cues vendor.

Doug Puckett is a regular author on billiards weblogs and publications. You can find out more about him at Predator Cues Have Made A Huge Impact On The Cue Shaft Industry Join The Discussion, Predator Cues Forever Changed The Cue Shaft Industry Predator Cues – How to Make Your Sport.

With the constant increase in driving under the influence cases in most American states, in spite of intense public education and strict law enforcement http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , the government hopes that installation of ignition interlock devices in the vehicles of the convicts would address the problem significantly. Around 40 states in the country have ignition interlock programs to control drink and drive cases.

With the strict enforcement of law pertaining to DUI offenders to have <"http:quickstartaz">ignition interlock system installed in their vehicle, there has been a small reduction in the number of DUI cases in some of the states. As states are getting tougher on DUI offenders, there is no way out for them but to have the device installed in their vehicles and keep their BAC (Blood Alcohol Count) below the level decided by the law. The vehicle won’t start until they blow or breathe out into the device. Even if BAC is above 0.02 percent http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , it will not start.

The best part is that the device also prompts breath samples randomly even while driving to check the blood alcohol count of the driver. The alarm sets up and ignition switches off if you don’t provide the device with breath sample or your BAC is found more than the set level. To some extent, the device has been able to reduce the number of repeat drunk driving offenders in the country.

Ignition Interlock Devices Efficiency

According to researches, breath controlled <"http:quickstartaz">ignition interlock devices have proved to be extremely successful in keeping DUI offenders from continuing to drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs. In fact http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , in as many as 90 percent of cases, they have proven effective in stopping individuals from driving during the high risk periods.

However, on the flip side http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , many cases have also been noticed where a drunk driver lets his or her friend blow into the device to continue driving. In some cases, offenders also involve a driver who has the device already installed in their car and travel with him to skip from installing it in their vehicle. This shows how they lean on their friends and save costs of IID installation. Besides this, they try to get rid of all legal formalities to resume driving.

This is something that’s stopping the device to be 100 percent effective. Of course http://www.authentic49ersstore.com/49er … ft-Jersey/ , the state governments will soon come up with something to address such problems, to be able to significantly reduce the incidents of DUI. However, in such. NHL Jerseys Cheap   Basketball Jerseys From China   Soccer Jerseys Wholesale   MLB Jerseys Free Shipping   Replica Soccer Jerseys Cheap   Authentic NFL Jerseys China   Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale   Authentic NFL Jerseys Wholesale   Throwback MLB Jerseys Wholesale   College Baseball Jerseys Cheap

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